Why Professional Cuddling Is Such a Rewarding Career Choice

Updated: Feb 3, 2018

Nordic Cuddle takes great pride in promoting the many benefits of our cuddling services for our clients. However, we recently managed to sit down with our busy founder, Rebekka Mikkola, to discuss how being a professional cuddler has had a positive impact on her life.

For those who haven’t come across professional hugging services before, they are a form of holistic therapy for people who are looking to experience healing touch. Nordic Cuddle promotes professional cuddling as an innovative healing modality, which is receiving wider recognition across the globe.

This type of alternative holistic therapy treatment is a blend of improvisational bodywork, talk therapy and meditation. We receive clients who are dealing with stress, anxiety, loneliness and a range of other issues, who are seeking healing touch and human connection in a safe and comfortable space.

“Cuddling services and healing touch are things that have interested me lately. I decided to give them a try and I have been amazed by the positive impacts in my life. I can breathe better and I feel calmer than before - I have got my long lost confidence back.” Anonymous client testimonial.

Rebekka is a passionate cuddle therapy advocate and created Nordic Cuddle as a means of resurrecting human touch, and wanted to show how it was possible to experience touch in a safe and healthy way. “Hugs and healing are a powerful combination that bring people and souls together. When we let go of the romantic realm around cuddling and meet each other as human beings, real healing starts to occur,” says Rebekka.

“My doctor recommended that I have a look at alternative holistic therapy treatments - and I came across professional cuddling. I didn’t use to like the word spiritual before - but the cuddle sessions with Nordic Cuddle have nourished my mind and soul in the most natural way." Anonymous client testimonial.

She has seen first-hand the way in which platonic touch can help build trust, “As a practitioner I have been able to see what trust means, and how everyone should feel seen and accepted.” Rebekka is also inspired by the fact that she has a meaningful career, that’s making a positive impact in the world and is keen to share the wide range of benefits of being a professional cuddler. The most important of which is feeling that you’ve contributed towards making someone happier, and anyone that follows Nordic Cuddle on social media, will see numerous glowing testimonials about Rebekka’s sessions. One of Nordic Cuddle’s repeat clients even felt compelled to write a guest blog post for us, which you can read here.

Rebekka points out that this is a fantastic career choice for those looking to work flexible hours, as sessions are often requested in the afternoons and on the weekends. It’s also possible to make this a full-time job, but it does require some entrepreneurial flair for additional marketing. Another benefit is that your confidence improves as you interact with a lot of people from a range of backgrounds.

If you live in London and are wondering whether becoming a professional cuddler is for you, we’ve listed below some of the qualities we look for in new team members.

· Strong social skills

· Ability to connect and see the best in other people

· Effective communication

· Active listening skills

· Ability to set boundaries and communicate them constantly in positive ways

· Body awareness

· Mindfulness

· Emotional labor

· Experience in healthcare, tactile therapies or with neuroatypical clients

· Non-judgemental and LGBTQ friendly

· Entrepreneurial, punctual and reliable

· At least 18 years old

Nordic Cuddle is in the process of developing a training programme for professional cuddlers. To keep updated on when this programme launches, please contact Nordic Cuddle today and we’ll add you to our waiting list. People with a background in a related health field, such as Reiki, will be at an advantage. As part of the programme, we will recommend some literature around touch therapies, communication, boundaries and cuddling.

We also suggest that you experience a cuddling session first as a client, so that you can appreciate what it feels like from their perspective. After you have completed our thorough programme, you’ll receive certification and be listed on the Nordic Cuddle platform, which is currently being developed. A fundamental advantage of our platform, is that you will continue to receive support and mentoring on an ongoing basis from the professional cuddlers within the Nordic Cuddle community.

We truly believe in the power of touch and we look forward to welcoming you on this fulfilling journey!

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