Why International Hug Day is More Important than Ever Before

Updated: Feb 3, 2018

International Hug Day (or National Hug Day as it’s more commonly known), takes place on Sunday 21st January and as a professional cuddling company we couldn’t be more excited! With everything taking place in the world, we also believe it’s worth celebrating this day more than ever before.

We live in a time of growing uncertainty, with a whole host of national and international issues playing on our minds. Quite often we might feel powerless to do anything about these massive external problems, which can make us even more anxious. However, sometimes all we need in these dark times is human connection and a simple hug, to help us gain a new perspective on life.

At Nordic Cuddle, we understand the healing power of touch and know that it can help lower stress and also boost our oxytocin levels, which improves our mood and helps contribute to an overall sense of wellbeing. In these turbulent times, a warm and reassuring hug can work wonders for the soul.

As a reminder of just how amazing hugs are, here are five top reasons why they’re good for us!

1. Hugs can reduce the chances of suffering from stress-related illnesses

2. Hugs can mitigate feelings of loneliness

3. Hugs can lower our blood pressure

4. Hugs bring us together and make us feel supported on an emotional and psychological level

5. Hugs can lower our heart rate and induce feelings of calmness

While we wish hugs and healing touch could be celebrated all year round, we’ll certainly be celebrating International Hug Day!

At Nordic Cuddle, we are proud to be a source of calm amidst the chaos. To find out more about our cuddle services and to book a cuddle session, please contact us!

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