Towards safer sessions post lock-down

Updated: 9 hours ago

New re-opening date announced by the government

Following the government’s press release on the 9th July, physical therapy businesses are able to re-open safely from Monday 13th July. This is when Nordic Cuddle will allow bookings to take place from.We’ve included below some advice about the steps we’re asking practitioners and clients to take when we’re allowed to re-open. For more detailed information about these steps, please see our COVID-19 Policy.

Steps our practitioners are taking

Safety training

Our practitioners are required to complete an external course about the coronavirus and the safety measures they should take, including hand-washing, wearing face masks etc. They will be adhering to these measures when delivering sessions going forward.


Our practitioners have been asked to let us know if they (or anyone in their household) is displaying symptoms and they won’t be practising for the duration of their isolation.

Steps we’re asking our clients to take


You’ll need to wear a face mask for the duration of the session (from before you enter until after you leave the studio). Please also follow government guidelines about wearing face masks in public transport, which you can find here. To find out how to make masks and face coverings, please visit the Government website here.

Hand washing

Please wash your hands thoroughly before the session begins, and after it finishes.


Please bring your own water bottle to the session, to minimise handling of refreshments.


Don’t book a session if you, or anyone in your household is self-isolating with symptoms. As a reminder, if you live alone, this means avoiding sessions for at least seven days after symptoms occur, and at least fourteen days if you live with others.

Rescheduling and questions

If you need to reschedule, or if you have any questions, please email your practitioner directly and they’ll be pleased to assist.

Hugging tips

Dr Linsey Marr, an aerosol scientist from Virginia Tech and other experts provided some guidance for how to hug during a pandemic in an article for the New York Times, which is worth a read.

We appreciate your support in these difficult times

Nordic Cuddle appreciates your help adhering to these measures to keep both you and our practitioners safe. Our practitioners look forward to delivering sessions for our clients and bringing touch back after an extended period of absence.


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