My Nordic Cuddle Experience – Finding Solace Through Touch

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

We are always delighted to hear how cuddle therapy has been able to help a client who’s been going through a difficult time. As we know, life can throw up a whole host of challenges and it’s not always easy knowing who to turn too and who you can trust, during these difficult times.

Hugs are a fantastic way to help us take a moment to be in a calmer and more relaxed state, where all our worries are temporarily forgotten and we can instead focus on doing something positive for our own wellbeing. Cuddle therapy allows practitioners to make a safe space for clients to feel cared for and to receive a nurturing embrace that can help them get back on track.

Getting through a break-up or a divorce can be a particularly difficult stage in anyone’s life. On top of that, it’s likely that a person may be receiving less touch as they’re on their own and it’s not always apparent who you can turn to for platonic touch. We’re happy that we could be there to help the client below move forward following on from a break-up, and hope this proves helpful for other people in a similar situation.

My Cuddle Therapy Experience

I saw a news item online about Nordic Cuddle and thought it sounded like a great concept. I was still recovering from splitting up with my girlfriend and missed the cuddles the most, so this was a perfect short term solution.

From the first phone call with Rebekka to meeting her at the first appointment, she put my mind at ease. I was slightly nervous at the first cuddle appointment, but I soon relaxed. Rebekka has a unique skill of knowing when to talk and when not to during the session! I found myself telling her things that I needed to get out and also came to some realisations about my life and relationships, as a result of sharing my thoughts and feelings with Rebekka.

I highly recommend this therapy.

People spend thousands on therapists, when a lot of people just need a good old cuddle to sort themselves out!

This review is published with the permission of our client and remains anonymous for confidentiality purposes.

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