My Nordic Cuddle Experience – A Connection to the Past

Updated: Sep 14, 2018

One of the most rewarding aspects of cuddle therapy is the feedback we receive from our clients. Cuddle therapy can raise a whole host of emotions for a client, some of which can be extremely powerful and remind them of specific life experiences. This is partly down to the nurturing nature of the work we do, and the motherly type affection we provide.

One of our longstanding clients kindly sent the blog post below, whereby they reflect on some of the memories and life experiences that came up for them after their sessions. While we would never claim that cuddle therapy can help resolve any kind of psychological issue, we do feel pleased by what cuddle therapy has been able to achieve for this particular client.

My Cuddle Therapy Experience

I discovered Nordic Cuddle a few months ago, after conducting some research online. My interest was immediately peaked due to some of the psychological issues I have carried within myself from an early age.

When I spoke to Rebekka on the phone, my first impression was that I was communicating with someone with a deep passion and interest in her subject, and I booked a session soon after. Meeting Rebekka in person just confirmed what I imagined and felt. At the start of the first session, I remembered feeling nervous and somehow shy. However, she was able to quickly understand my situation and made me feel secure and cared for, while also explaining the boundaries that are in place to protect us both.

It was a very intense and deep experience for me which also included some psychosomatic pain, that stemmed from my previously mentioned psychological issues. During the session, she maintained conversation with me as needed, and was fully aware and focused on my state of being. On the same night following the cuddle therapy, I had very intense dreams which totally connected to my past and to what I experienced during the therapy.

I have so far done three and half hours of cuddle sessions. I can state here that quite a few feelings and memories have resurfaced which otherwise would have been unreachable for me. The voyage of discovery continues…in a way exciting, often very challenging because we do not know what else might come up.

I am deeply grateful that cuddle therapy has given me the opportunity to explore and understand something about myself that otherwise may have been hidden forever, yet would’ve negatively affected my daily life. My thanks to Rebekka for making this possible through her therapy, care and attention.

This review is published with the permission of our client and remains anonymous for confidentiality purposes.

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