Join Us! Nordic Cuddle Launches Cuddle Therapy Training Programme

Updated: Apr 29, 2019

Looking for a dream career change? Ever considered a job where you get paid for hugging and caring for other people? Here's your chance! Nordic Cuddle is a cuddle therapy company based in London, and we’ve just launched a brand new training programme for people who’d like to become professional cuddlers!

Earlier this year, we posted a blog about the benefits of being a professional cuddler. If you haven’t had a chance to read this yet, you can do so here. Since then we’ve received considerable interest from people who would like to become professional cuddlers. It therefore gives us great pleasure to announce that the Nordic Cuddle training programme is finally ready, and you can purchase this today!

What’s included in the training programme?

Our cuddle therapy training programme offers great value for money, and includes a detailed manual and training video which shows you how to conduct a cuddle session from start to finish, and also includes a number of popular cuddle positions. The manual is packed with information about how to conduct a session safely and how to set yourself up for a long-term career as a professional cuddler. The information is based on our founder, Rebekka Mikkola’s experience across hundreds and hundreds of hours of cuddle sessions.

At the end of the programme, each participant will undertake a theory and practical assessment to ensure that our future cuddlers are both competent and confident to hit the ground running. In addition, we are one of the few companies to ask our professional cuddlers for a DBS check. This provides our clients with reassurance about the trustworthiness of their cuddlers.

Once you’ve completed the course, you’ll also have the opportunity to be listed on our website as a trained cuddle practitioner. This will come at an additional small monthly fee, and also includes access to our professional cuddling forum, where you can ask for advice and share your knowledge with our trained practitioners.

Will I be employed directly by Nordic Cuddle?

While you have the option of being listed on the Nordic Cuddle website, you will effectively be self-employed. The relationship between each cuddle practitioner and Nordic Cuddle will therefore be similar to that between a Freelancer and their client. Whilst you aren’t directly employed by Nordic Cuddle, you will be expected to adhere to our Code of Conduct and policies at all times, as you are representing our company. All the money you earn from your cuddle sessions with your clients will be yours to keep, the only fees we charge following on from the training course, are the monthly membership fees for the Nordic Cuddle platform. More information is provided within our training manual.

Who would make a good cuddler?

We are looking for people who are empathetic and have a passion for caring for others. You may come from a medical or therapeutic background, but this isn’t essential. Setting boundaries is important in cuddle therapy, and we need to be confident in your ability to do this. As such you’ll have great interpersonal and communication skills. Finally we’re looking for people who can offer premium quality cuddle sessions for our clients. You can read more about the qualities we’re looking for, in our earlier blog post here.

Why choose Nordic Cuddle?

Nordic Cuddle is a young, fresh, modern, innovative and forward-facing company. We offer a premium service to our clients, ensuring that our professional cuddlers pass a rigorous training programme and are all DBS checked. A Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check is a way to identify whether someone holds a criminal record, which respected therapists tend to obtain for their client’s peace of mind, and can be purchased here. Only cuddlers who pass our stringent assessments are offered the opportunity to represent our company. As a forward-looking company, we are out to redefine perceptions of the cuddle therapy industry.

We embody the Nordic way of life and have adopted four key Nordic values; authenticity, simplicity, transparency and quality. These values give us a clear sense of purpose and direction in achieving our aims. We also put the needs of our clients first and have expanded our service offering to include a Wellbeing Walk as well as Coffee and Connection sessions, to cater for our clients’ requirements. Nordic Cuddle is also working on some exciting plans for the brand and we hope to provide further information by the end of 2018.

You can purchase our training programme today, from right here. We look forward to welcoming you to Nordic Cuddle!

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