Healing Touch Changes Lives

A former CEO of Johnson & Johnson said that he believed there would be fewer wars and less disease in the world if we had more touch in our lives. We believe that touch is more powerful than most people realise.

It was therefore an absolute delight to receive such a genuine and heartfelt testimonial from a client, who has benefitted from cuddle therapy in various ways. A summary of the testimonial is included below and we couldn’t be happier to see how touch is changing people’s lives for the better.

My cuddle therapy experience

When you practice touch, you shift your attention to a sensory world that you are not usually accustomed to focusing on. Thoughts fade into the background and you truly come into the present moment. After receiving a certain amount of care through touch, you find you can more easily evoke this state of mind in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, just by bringing attention to the sensations in your body.

Decreased isolation and deeper human connection

As well as bringing the benefits of meditation, practicing touch also cultivates another dimension of awareness which you can’t get from meditation. Meditation is a solitary practice, but this is a special state of mind that can only be created by two. People are no longer experienced as others. They are the same as you, and you can almost feel the shared humanity.

Increased confidence and personal development

Through cuddling you start to notice new-found feelings of safety and security that come from within you. It’s like rediscovering your own inner caregiver. More and more barriers to life start dropping away.

Finding out who you really are

When you spend time in a cuddle session, you can’t hide who you really are. In order to enjoy the experience, you have to let go of yourself and become attuned. This means accepting all your thoughts and feelings, good and bad, just as they are. You realise that keeping up a façade or portraying an image just gets in the way of enjoying the experience, and even of appreciating life in general. It is a journey of self-discovery that results in a desire to live more authentically.

Increased empathy

By sharing your personal space with someone, you learn to be in a much more sensitive relationship with others. This is a purer kind of relationship than most, uncluttered by the expectations or anxieties of the mind that usually get in the way of understanding someone. And you might find you start to notice other people’s feelings more.

Increased trust and self-esteem

In order to share an intimate space with someone, you have to learn to trust and be trusted. You are in someone’s personal space. There is a high level of emotional intelligence and attention required in order not to make either person feel anxious or awkward, and to create a safe and secure space. If you had any doubts about yourself, or your relationships to others, you might start to discover that you are an innately honourable and trustworthy person.

Equality, humanity and respect

Cuddle therapy has taught me that my similarities to other people are much more important than my differences. People spend a lot of time identifying themselves in terms of their differences. For us British, there is also the peculiar factor of social class to deal with. You realise that these things are not really an identity. They cannot change the experience of human connection in any way. Identity shifts to the realm of the physical body and the matter from which it is made. Conversely, people I admire become more human, and not such an untouchable object of adulation.

This review is published with the permission of our client and remains anonymous for confidentiality purposes.

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