From Technology Interactions to Real Life Connections

Updated: Feb 1, 2018

Social media has revolutionized the way we connect with each other in our personal and professional lives. We can speak to people across the globe at any time of day, and can also use these platforms to express ourselves to the world. There can be no doubt that social media has brought us a range of benefits and opportunities like never before.

However, there are important questions we need to ask ourselves. Firstly, do we really need social media to reach out to the people we care about? Secondly, are we losing out on the benefits that come from meeting up in person? We form stronger connections this way, and build a certain chemistry which can’t be replaced by these sites. That’s not to say that interacting over social media is bad, but we need to remember that more wholesome affection comes from face to face interactions.

It can be all too easy to fall into our isolated technological bubbles, which is why Nordic Cuddle is promoting the idea of disconnecting to reconnect.

Watch the new Nordic Cuddle ‘Disconnect to Reconnect’ video here.

We provide a holistic therapy service, which seeks to improve our client’s physical, emotional, spiritual and mental health through platonic touch. As one of our five main senses, the importance of touch can’t be emphasized enough. It has the power to comfort and heal us. It strengthens our immune system and lowers our blood pressure. When we connect as we were programmed to do, soothing touch leaves us feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. Our overall health and wellbeing dramatically improves when we experience this type of social contact; it’s quite simply one form of connection that social media can’t provide us with.

While we are fully aware of the need to take care of our physical health, it’s also equally important to take care of our mental health and make sure that our mental hygiene is up to scratch. This is another area in which cuddle therapy excels. Meaningful touch can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, and it can better help people cope with depression. Sometimes cuddling and holding hands with someone is exactly what we need to re-instill a sense of calm in our lives.

At Nordic Cuddle, we can provide a cuddle session in the comfort of your London-based home, or at the therapy room in Highgate, North London. Contact us today to arrange a personalized one to one cuddle session, so that you can experience the many benefits of touch.

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Nordic Cuddle looks forward to helping you disconnect, so that you can truly reconnect!

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