Cuddle Therapy as a Life-Changing Career Choice

In this week’s blog, we hear from our founder, Rebekka Mikkola, about her life-changing decision to become a cuddle therapist.

Rebekka’s Story

One year ago, I was studying fashion at a top London university. The world of fashion is fast-paced and interesting, with many opportunities available. But deep down, I began to realise that I was feeling empty from time to time, which made me consider whether I was really following my true passion in life. It was around this point that I came out of an emotionally draining relationship, the feelings of which were very raw and painful.

I felt like I needed to rediscover my true self and that’s when I began researching the power of touch and cuddling. This is where my journey of self-discovery began. One of the first things I came to appreciate is that I’d have to work on unravelling the ego that I’d created over the years. This is because we don’t find true happiness by focusing on ourselves, instead we should look to help others which in turn gives us a feeling of genuine satisfaction.

My early beginnings quickly helped me understand that cuddle therapy was the perfect combination of something I found fulfilling and something that was beneficial for my overall wellbeing. This is because cuddling releases oxytocin, which is known as the bonding and trust hormone. Through hundreds of hours of cuddling, I've personally rebuilt the trust that I lost through my relationships. But it hasn't just been because of the oxytocin, it's also because of the clients I've met. I've shared in their laughter and their sadness. I've been a shoulder to cry on and I've also cried with them. I've lived the human experience through their stories and have tried to comfort and reassure, and be someone who is there for them when they need it most.

When I began helping my clients grow into better versions of themselves, I also underwent my own transformation, becoming a more open and confident person. I learnt a great deal about emotion regulation and setting boundaries, which is something I’ve improved on massively both in a personal and professional capacity. Overall, I’ve become a more open, trusting and communicative person.

By following my own path, I made the transition from working for other people’s dreams in the fashion industry, to creating a place for people to connect and share experiences with at Nordic Cuddle, while also attaining a good standard of living. It’s definitely possible to live well as a cuddle therapist – with time and effort, you could earn in the region of £1.5k - £5k per month.

As cuddle therapists, we have the power to change people's lives, but we also stand to gain a better understanding of ourselves and heal our own personal wounds. That’s the true value of touch and connection, and it’s within this space that I found the best version of myself. At Nordic Cuddle, we believe this journey is all about being part of a bigger community where we support, learn and grow together. We are proud to have individuals signed up to our training programme from the UK, Europe and the US and we look forward to sharing our knowledge with our practitioners to turn your cuddling careers into successes.

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