Affiliate Partnership with Westminster Insurance

One of the challenges for any new cuddle practitioner is finding the right insurance cover at a reasonable price. This is compounded by the fact that cuddle therapy is still a relatively new form of healing modality, and only a few insurers we’ve come across will offer cuddle therapy policies.

When Nordic Cuddle gained accreditation for our cuddle therapy course from the CMA, they recommended Westminster Insurance. We therefore began a three month long journey with Westminster Insurance, which involved us working together to get cuddle therapy underwritten and insured as a modality.

Our joint labours finally paid off, and we’re proud to announce that Westminster Insurance now covers cuddle therapy. Not only that, but Nordic Cuddle have become an affiliate partner with Westminster Insurance, which means that we’re able to offer our practitioners discounted cuddle therapy insurance. By purchasing our course, practitioners will be provided with a hyperlink to Westminster Insurance that has the discount applied for cuddle therapy insurance.

Please note this insurance is only available for UK-based practitioners.

The Complete Cuddle Therapy Course Package

With an insurance partnership in place, we’re now able to offer a complete package for anyone wishing to become a cuddle therapist. Our course is one of the world’s first dual-accredited cuddle therapy programmes, with accreditation by the CMA and ICOES. The CMA have also recognised Nordic Cuddle as a ‘Centre of Excellence’. It includes input from industry experts, and provides a solid grounding in the practice.

As Ani, our first certified cuddle practitioner said, “I thoroughly enjoyed this course. I have learnt a lot about touch from the perspective of health and social interaction, and I appreciated the sections for practical use. It’s a solid base for being a professional cuddle therapist and spreading the importance of touch in society. I highly recommend it to anyone interested in touch therapy.”

Upon completion of the course, our practitioners are able to:

  • Apply for membership of the prestigious Complementary Medical Association

  • Purchase insurance at a discounted rate with our affiliate partner, Westminster Insurance

  • Gain access to our dedicated practitioner support forum

  • Deliver sessions at our partner Pop&Rest’s pods in Shoreditch, London

We’re working to constantly expand the range of benefits we provide our practitioners to make the transition into delivering cuddle sessions as smooth as possible.

To find out more about our cuddle therapy course, visit:

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