Client and practitioner both verify that they are at least 18 years of age and thereby able to give consent.

This is a non-sexual service. Both clients and practitioners agree not to pursue or encourage sexual arousal.

Client and practitioner both agree to practice consent and attention to boundaries at all times.

Client confidentiality is to be respected at all times.

No hand to genital contact. No touching in areas covered by undergarments.

Minimum amount of t-shirt and shorts for both practitioner and client at all times.

Cleanliness and adequate hygiene is required by both parties.

Either party may end the session at any time.

Client agrees to fully disclose any diagnoses or conditions that may affect their session to the practitioner.

Client understands that cuddle therapy is not a cure, nor is it able to alleviate serious mental health issues. It is not a substitute for medical or psychiatric treatment and is not recommended for people with serious psychiatric disorders. Similarly, people with unstable interpersonal relationships or a history of various treatments may not fully benefit from cuddle sessions.

Client confirms their understanding that cuddle practitioners are touch therapists and therefore aren’t expected to hold psychiatric or mental health training, which may be of greater benefit to some people.

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