I (Client) understand and agree to all of the following:



Session Rules


1. No sexual activity is permitted as this is a platonic touch service. If a Client requests or offers sexual activity (verbally or nonverbally), or if they try to force themselves onto the Cuddle Practitioner, then the Cuddle Practitioner has the right to leave and no refund will be offered. Appropriate touch is that which would be acceptable with a child.


2. Both parties will remain clothed throughout the entire session, and hands will remain outside of clothing. Loose indoor clothing may be worn for the purposes of comfort. However, undergarments don’t constitute as sufficient clothing. If either party needs to change clothing, this will be done in private and out of sight of the other party. If a Client purposely shows off areas normally covered by undergarments, the Cuddle Practitioner has the right to leave.


3. No kissing is allowed. No touching areas that are covered by undergarments is permitted. Should this occur, the Cuddle Practitioner has the right to leave.


4. Adequate hygiene and cleanliness is required from the Client and the Cuddle Practitioner. To be clear, this includes brushing teeth and showering within 12 hours of the session, and wearing clothing that has been freshly laundered. Perfumes/Colognes should not be worn by either party.


5. The Cuddle Practitioner reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.




6. Payment is to be provided at the very start of a session, if not beforehand. The payment amount will be for the full session price as stated on the website, or as otherwise agreed.


Cancellation Policy


7. Practitioners can provide more detail about their independent cancellation policies to you. This is to compensate the Cuddle Practitioner for lost business, as it is unlikely they would be able to find another client at short notice.


8. If your session includes a rental space, and you cancel within 24 hours of the session commencing, we would ask you to pay the full price of the rental cost of the space, in order to compensate the Cuddle Practitioner for the cost that they still need to pay. If you wish to cancel an appointment, we request you send an email to the Cuddle Practitioner at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. Should the opposite scenario occur, where the Cuddle Practitioner is unable to attend a session, the Cuddle Practitioner will compensate you for the rental space if one has been booked and paid for.


9. If the Cuddle Practitioner cancels within 24 hours of a session, they will be expected to offer compensation in the form of discount for your next session with them.




10. Subject to laws and regulations, a Cuddle Practitioner may carry and use a non-lethal defence item to defend themselves.


11. A third party chosen by the Cuddle Practitioner can be provided with details of the session, including date, time, location and the client’s name. After the session, the Cuddle Practitioner will confirm to the third party that they are safe through a unique safe word. At the discretion of the Cuddle Practitioner, they may request a valid copy of client identification (such as a driving licence, passport etc.), which they may provide to the third party for safety purposes. It is the responsibility of each independent practitioner to comply with the appropriate GDPR and data protection legislation in regards to processing and storing data.


12. If the Cuddle Practitioner interprets any Client actions as inappropriate, unprofessional or a risk to their safety, the Cuddle Practitioner reserves the right to terminate the session immediately with no warning or refunds given.




13. The Cuddle Practitioner will not break any laws or regulations while providing services to the Client.


14. The Client also agrees not to break any laws or regulations while with the Cuddle Practitioner.


15. Social Media: Due to the importance of maintaining confidentiality and reducing dual relationships, you understand that the practitioner doesn’t accept friend or contact requests from current or former clients on any social networking site (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram etc). Adding clients as friends or contacts on these sites can compromise my confidentiality and our respective privacy. It may also blur the boundaries of our therapeutic relationship. The practitioner and client can establish warmth and friendliness, but can’t become personally involved outside of the therapy setting. This extends to social media.


Legal Disclaimer


16. I certify that:

  • I’m at least 18 years of age

  • I haven’t been convicted of a violent crime

  • I’m not a registered sex offender

  • I’m not acting in the capacity of an undercover reporter or media agent from any outlet


17. Cuddle Therapy isn’t a solution in any way for mental, physical or psychological illnesses. The correct medical consultation should always be sought for these conditions, and if ever in doubt you should consult and obtain guidance from a trained medical professional. If you are already consulting a medical professional or therapist about existing emotional issues, then you should seek advice as to whether cuddle therapy would be an acceptable service to try, or whether it might be harmful for your wellbeing.


18. If you are already taking medication for any type of psychological disorder, you must inform the Cuddle Practitioner prior to a session.


19. Absolutely no illegal drugs or alcohol are allowed.


20. By agreeing to take part in a cuddle session, you take full responsibility for your physical and mental fitness and state that you’re able to safely participate in the session. The Cuddle Practitioner declines any responsibility for any incidents arising from your cuddle therapy session.


21. If you feel uncomfortable whether that be emotionally or physically, it is imperative that you inform your Cuddle Practitioner. You can change your cuddle position whenever, and stop the session as often as you want.


22. Emotions leading to tears and laughter are possible and are an accepted part of cuddle therapy.


23. Unless written permission has been obtained from the Cuddle Practitioner, photographs and video should not be taken. Videos and photographs should only be used for the purposes stated in the written agreement.


24. Client information will be managed in line with our privacy policy, available online.


25. The Cuddle Practitioner won’t be held responsible for any loss of personal or physical property of any nature, whether known or unknown that may occur in the course of any cuddle session. I hereby release the Cuddle Practitioner from any and all liability for any such incident.


26. By partaking in a cuddle session, you take full responsibility for any risk of bodily injury, illness, psychological or emotional harm, death, or property damage, to yourself or others, arising from your participation in this and any other cuddle sessions provided by the practitioner, whether caused by any participant in the cuddle session or otherwise. You acknowledge and understand that this session may explore new emotional concepts and may involve situations in which you feel uncomfortable and willingly assume that risk.


27. The Client agrees hereby to indemnify and hold harmless Nordic Cuddle and from any or all claims by the Client which may arise out of and in the course of the service. The Client releases Nordic Cuddle from any liability.


28. If you have any queries or require any assistance during the cuddle session, you should speak to the Cuddle Practitioner.


29. Failure to adhere to these laws could result in refused entry, or in the Client being asked to leave.



Your use of our services implies you have read, fully understood and agree to these terms. You agree that by voluntarily signing below, you intend your signature to be a complete and unconditional release of all liability to the maximum extent allowed by law. Violation of these terms may permanently revoke your privilege to use our services.

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